Monday, June 12, 2017

Where to Buy in Brainerd Lakes Based on Budget

Brainerd Lakes continues to be the most popular in the state for lakeshore property and lake cabins. This is for many reasons including close proximity to the Twin Cities and great shopping and dining options. The biggest reason why Brainerd Lakes wins the hearts of lake home buyers, though, is the sheer number of lakes in the area and the varying budgets these lakes can accomodate. Since we have clients that come to us looking for everything from a $200,000 lake property to a $2M plus lake home, we are sharing the lake shore and lake front options to consider based on your budget.

1. Lake Access

Homes with lake access give you the best of both worlds if your budget is on the lower end. You can have access to the lake, usually with a dock slip or beach area, but your home does not sit on the waterfront and typically does not have lake views. However, if your main goal is to spend time on the lake, and budget is your primary concern with lake home ownership, this will give you what you're looking for in Brainerd Lakes.

2. Shared Lake Frontage

Shared lake frontage is the next option when you're looking for reasonably priced Brainerd area lake homes. It offers the ability to have lake views and sometimes waterfront property but sharing it with other area homeowners cuts down on costs and maintenance. For example, a previous resort may be sold as separate cabins that will have shared lake frontage (and sometimes other great amenities like tennis, basketball court, fish house, etc.).

3. Smaller Lakes, Smaller Price Tag

This doesn't always ring true, but in the Brainerd area, there are many smaller lakes that may not be sought after like the big players (Gull, Whitefish) that will meet all or most of your wishlist. While you can expect to see high priced homes on most lakes, there are many options on the smaller non-chain lakes that can fit into your budget. Homes starting in the low $200's to $250,000 are for sale. Examples include Washburn, Roosevelt, North Long, Ossawinnamakee. We would be happy to offer suggestions if you're looking in a specific budget range. 

4. Larger Budget 

If you have a larger budget and want to be in the most desired area of Brainerd Lakes, a larger lake chain may be the ticket. Whitefish and Gull both offer many options in the higher price range, in addition to Pelican Lake. These three are the largest and most expensive lakes in the area. 

The Brainerd Lakes offer so many options for crystal clear water, beautiful sand beaches, great fishing and boating and more. To determine what lake would be the best fit for you, we recommend setting a budget and making a list of must-have features before starting your search. Finding a home that fits your budget in Brainerd Lakes is possible with the help of Up North Properties. We would be happy to assist you in your home buying process as we have lived and worked in the area for over 20 years. We love it here and we want you to as well.

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