Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Must Know Facts Before Buying Minnesota Lakefront

The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Minnesota residents take their love of the lake very seriously. After all, The Land of 10,000 Lakes offers lake home buyers a lot of options when it comes to waterfront ownership. We’ve put together a quick breakdown of your waterfront options as well as must know facts for buying lakefront or waterfront in Minnesota.

Waterfront lakefront Brainerd mn

What type of Minnesota waterfront are you looking for? 

Lakefront Home / Waterfront Home - Homes with waterfront or lakefront are directly on the water and solely own the property up to the water.

Lake Access - A home with lake access has just that - access to the lake. Many times lake access could mean you live very near the lake with sole or shared access to a dock or boat launch, or it might be a community boat launch or community beach. You won’t necessarily have a view of the water, but you can enjoy everything the lake has to offer. There are quite a few homes in the Brainerd Lakes area with shared lake access, meaning more than one home has access to a beach or dock area. This is sometimes a more economical way of purchasing a lake home or cabin.

Lake View - This promises one thing - you can see the water from one or more areas of your home. Keep in mind your view can be impacted by decisions made by homeowners around you.

Must Know Facts Before Buying Minnesota Waterfront

Shoreline Management

Your shoreline is yours to enjoy, but you must keep in mind that there are rules and regulations on many lakes and in many counties regarding what you can and can’t do to your shoreline. Always look into the regulations before purchasing a home.

Land Use

Local ordinances control much of what you can do to your lake home or cabin. In many counties, you must first get approval to add a deck, remodel, change shoreline vegetation, replace the dock and more.

Lake level Variations

It is important to know the water level variations and current water depth when considering a home. This will ensure you don’t purchase lakefront with too shallow of water in the dock area for your specific boat. In addition, it’s helpful to understand where the high and low levels of the lake are.

The truest fact is this; it is definitely more work to own a lake home but you will have way more fun than you can imagine! If you are interested in real estate in the Brainerd Lakes area, please contact us at 218-820-7355.