The Gull Chain of Lakes is a collection of  lakes and two bays, Gull Lake, Upper Gull Lake, Nisswa Lake, Roy Lake, Margaret Lake, Spider Lake, Thor Lake, Love Lake, Round Lake, and Bass Lake. The Chain has two large bay's Steam Boat Bay and Wilson Bay.. The largest of these lakes and the chain's namesake is Gull Lake. It's one of the largest and popular lakes in the Brainerd area and the largest in the chain. It features a highly developed shoreline containing residential and commercial buildings. There are 19 resorts on Gull Lake alone.

Gull Lake was raised in 1912 by 5 feet with the construction of Gull Lake Dam. St. Columbia Mission is also located on the east side of the lake and listed on the National Register.

Gull Lake's maximum depth is 80ft with a 30ft median depth, and is 15 miles long and 2 miles wide. Gull Lake is teaming with aquatic wildlife, with over 35 species in the lake. This helps to maintain the large fish population. The lake is stocked with walleye by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Northern Pike is another popular catch.

Places of interest in the Gull Lake Chain include Steam Boat Bay, Government Point, Gull Point, Wilson Bay, Sandy Point, Rocky Point, Dutchman's Bluff, Sheafer Point, Holman's Point, Floan's Point, Hunter's Point, and Grassy Point.


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