Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Create a Welcoming Front Entrance for Buyers

If you’re selling your home you know that first impressions count in real estate. First impressions set the stage for a positive showing. When buyers arrive, one of the first things they see is the front entrance and when they leave, they see the entrance area for a second time. So make the first impression a good one!


Stand outside in your driveway and spend a couple minutes looking at your entrance. What’s missing? Is there plant overgrowth? Does it look inviting? What could you do to make it look better? We’ve compiled a list of easy ways you can improve your front entrance for under $100.

1. Paint the Front Door 
If paint is chipping or the color needs updating, this is a cheap fix and something you can do yourself without hiring a professional. If you aren’t sure what color would look best with the color of your home, consider visiting a Sherwin Williams store, or somewhere similar that can give you advice (for free!).

2. Add Flowers or Potted Plants
Nothing quite says “happy” like a beautiful pot of flowers. Add a few pots to your front step, or perhaps a hanging basket. If you are more of the evergreen type, place one or two potted boxwood plants on the front step. These will brighten up your entrance and give it a more inviting feeling.

3. Porch Lights
A couple of updated lights can do wonders for the front of your home, even when they aren’t lit up. Outdated lights give the impression that the home is outdated. In addition, newer porch lights are typically led and give off bright, illuminating light. Perfect for showings later in the evening. You can easily purchase new lights for under $100.

4. A New Door Mat
Don’t let buyers look down and see a worn down, dirty doormat. For $15 you can buy a brand new mat that says “Welcome Home.” How appropriate, right?

5. Replace Door Hardware
Again, it’s a small but subtle item that buyers will notice. Update the hardware/lockset for around $60 and you’ve easily improved the look of your front door.

6. Clean Up Clutter and Overgrowth
Clean out any weeds, dead plants or overgrown bushes so that the walkway and entrance to your home is open and bright. Don’t let the landscaping distract buyers from the home itself.

If you’d like more tips on preparing your home for sale, reach out to us. We have years of experience helping homeowners prepare and successfully sell their homes. You can reach us at 218-820-7355.