Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Before Listing Your Home For Sale, Consider a Home Inspection

Yes, you read that right. A home inspection before listing your home.

Usually, the home inspection occurs when a buyer is ready to purchase, but wants to ensure no major issues are found. And this home inspection should definitely still occur. However, a home maintenance inspection before listing can give sellers a complete picture of necessary repairs before they become negotiating points from the buyer. ?

Inspectors are especially helpful at spotting small issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. They can also suggest regular maintenance that should be done as well. This includes things inside and outside, some of which may not be outwardly obvious to someone without expertise.

It’s extremely helpful to walk around your property and recognize the areas that need attention. An inspector can do this with you in addition to providing a full written report that details everything discussed during the inspection.

It is encouraged to have a home maintenance inspection every three to five years. This will help you avoid any major problems getting out of control. One thing to remember with an inspector is that they aren’t selling anything and they do not make money off your repairs. This is why a home maintenance inspection before selling can be the perfect, unbiased opinion you need to prepare your home for sale.