Sunday, March 18, 2018

Engage Interested Buyers and Sell Your Home this Spring

If you’re set to list your home and are ready to give us a call, we look forward to it! As we say goodbye to the cold, brown winter days and hello to the return of spring, we also enter the busiest season for real estate. None of these tips are absolute must-do items to sell your home, but they are great steps to engage interested buyers this spring.

After a long Minnesota winter, the slightest glimmer of Spring makes us giddy for all the things we love about warmer weather. If you’re selling this spring, it’s important that you spruce up the outside of your home to attract buyers. The goal is to create the setting so that buyers can envision themselves in the home; a night barbecuing on the deck, playing with their kids in the lawn, or relaxing on the beach. There are a few simple things you can do to help buyers envision these things instead of seeing the ugly remnants of winter.

1. Remove fall leaves from your lawn and garden areas
2. Pressure wash your deck, walkways, front step
3. Add fresh mulch, especially to areas directly visible to buyers
4. Place fresh potted flowers on the front step
5. Mow the lawn
6. Put out your summer patio furniture

If you’re on the lake, remember to clean up your beach and lakefront area of debris as well.

Stains and smells from the past year or past several years can be a big turn-off for buyers. You will be amazed at how deep cleaned carpets will make your home feel fresh and clean. The best part is you can rent a carpet cleaner from most major home improvement retailers and probably many local ones as well. Or, you might be lucky enough to have a friend willing to share his/her carpet cleaner.

Make your home attractive for the spring season and put away all signs of winter decor. This can be as simple as putting out flowers (faux flowers work too!), bright sofa pillows and light curtains that let light in. IT also means you can start packing, by putting away some of your excess decor that isn’t needed. The less the better, since clutter can distract buyers.

Find a real estate professional that knows the area, has years of experience and can give you a solid plan for selling your home. We are real estate leaders in the Brainerd lakes area and would love to work with you to sell your home this Spring. Call us today at 218-820-7355 or email us at