Wednesday, July 26, 2017

See Your Home from a Buyer's Perspective

Take photos of every room in your home and play the role of a buyer looking on the MLS. This is a great exercise before putting your home on the market because a buyer’s first impression typically comes from the photos online.

When you scroll through the photos, what do you see? Be critical, because your buyers likely will be too. Several questions to ask yourself as you scroll through your photos:

1. Is there clutter? These are little things, personal items that should be packed away. This includes family photos, tabletop and wall decor, kitchen appliances, etc.

2. Would a new coat of paint help? Paint can help if the walls need a refresh, or if there are rooms that would benefit from a lighter color.

3. Does it look like a model home? Model homes have very simple decor and no personal items and yet, we love them. Buyers will love imagining their own belongings in your space, so think model home as you prepare your home for sale.

4. What do the comparable homes look like? Use the MLS to find comparable homes for sale in your area and check out their photos. What draws your interest and what detracts from the home?

This is the perfect activity before you put your home on the market, and can do wonders for bringing in buyers to look. If you have questions about selling please contact us at 218-820-7355.