Saturday, March 25, 2017

5 Facts You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home 

1. A Clean Home Sells for More
Declutter, depersonalize and use some elbow grease. If you aren’t up to deep cleaning yourself, hire a trustworthy company. Yes, it will cost you a few hundred dollars. But a dirty home won’t sell for as much. The more you can make it look like a place a buyer wants to live, the more they are willing to pay. If you need more tips on decluttering and depersonalizing, see our blog, Staging Your Home for a Faster Sale and Higher Sale Price (

2. Price Your Home Right to Sell it Faster
New listings get the most attention. Buyers are watching new listings daily, if not more than once a day. However, that doesn’t mean they are willing to pay more than what it’s worth. Pricing your home right from the get go will ensure a fast home sale and increase your chances of a multiple offer situation. If your home is priced to high, it will start to compete with homes at the same price point that if priced right, may have more features, more space, etc. Rely on your realtor to price your home right.

3. Photos and Videos Sell a Home More than Descriptions 
Show buyers what they are looking for. The majority of buyers are using the internet to look for homes, and they are looking for photos showcasing their top priorities. Photos should highlight your home at its best and make sure to include as many pictures as you can. If a buyer can’t get an idea of what they will 
see in person, they may decide not to look. 

4. Know What Repairs Need to Be Done and Do Them Now
Don’t wait for a buyer to find a problem, especially during inspection. This goes along the same lines as cleaning your home prior to selling - it’s a must. Needed repairs will fuel more negotiation and potentially give buyers a reason to ask for money off the asking price.

5. Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home
Your home will sell in less time for more money if you utilize the knowledge and experience of a real estate agent.

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