Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dress Up Your Home For the Holidays (For you and for Potential Buyers) 

We are drooling over these spaces, decked out in swag, potted pine trees, lanterns and more. Throw in that adorable dog

 and you've got the perfect porch. Who wouldn't drive up ready to buy? It's true, the holidays are actually a great time to sell! 

1. Perfection on the porch
-We love these ideas for beautiful porch decorations
-Check out Pinterest

2. The mantle, the hearth, the heart of the home
-Check out these beautiful mantels
-Country flair on these mantels

3. Add some Christmas cheer to your kids' rooms
-Keep it simple. Paper snowflakes, paper chains, mini Christmas trees.
-Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest - but don't overdo it, a few simple decorations are perfect!

Warm lighting, candles and minimal holiday decor are great additions indoors as well. Remember, the less clutter in each room the better, so be very mindful of the decorations you choose. They should enhance your home's features!

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