Monday, November 28, 2016

Consider a ‘Pocket Listing’ for Your Home

If you have a desirable home or property but you aren’t quite ready to list with the general public, consider a ‘Pocket Listing.’ While this had previously been reserved for high priced real estate in select neighborhoods, it has become more mainstream.

The main gist of a pocket listing is that your real estate agent will share your home exclusively with other real estate agents and his/her circle of contacts. Many realtors are approached by buyers that have a extremely specific neighborhood/street/home they are interested in and are willing to wait until it’s available. If your home happens to be in that desired location, you may hit the jackpot for a quick home sale! There are advantages and disadvantages to a pocket listing, but it can be a great option if you aren’t in a hurry to sell or want to utilize winter without actually listing on the MLS.

The primary disadvantage is that you could miss out a qualified buyer. However, the chance of that is slim if you are only using a pocket listing for a few months before listing to the public.

There are several advantages: -Reach a targeted audience (realtors have buyers waiting for specific neighborhoods) -Fewer showings, fewer strangers in your home, less disruptions -Potential to reach a buyer without the hassle of traditional listing, open houses, etc.

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