Monday, November 28, 2016


Think back to your first home purchase. How many homes did you drive by and just keep on driving because it didn’t appeal to you? This is the reason why a buyer’s first impression is essential in selling your home. Curb appeal can make or break a sale. According to the 2016 Cost vs Value Report, exterior projects remain among the most valuable home improvements that sellers can invest in. A front door? 91% return, according to the 


We’ve listed our favorite curb appeal improvements here:

  1. Clean everything: Windows, sidewalks, siding, everything. This should include power washing the exterior of your home to remove dirt, grime, bugs, etc.
  2. New front door: If your front door looks bad, replace it. That’s the first thing buyers will look at when they walk up to the house.
  3. Landscaping: Clean up the yard, remove any weeds and add bushes or plants to spruce up the front walkway. If your driveway cracks have weeds, pull them out!
  4. Light fixtures: If you’ve still got old brass light fixtures on the front of your house, replace them. You’ll be amazed at what a couple new fixtures can do for curb appeal.
  5. Paint: Touch up paint especially in the front where buyers will be looking closely.
  6. Flowers: Add potted flowers on the front steps and in front of the garage. Bright pops of color dress up any home entrance and helps it feel more inviting.

As a homeowner, walk around your house. Does something stick out to you that needs to be fixed or updated? If so, it will definitely stick out to a potential buyer. With some minor investments you can help a buyer feel like their purchase is the right one.

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