Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paint Inspiration Beyond the Walls

By now, we’ve all heard that neutral wall colors are best when prepping your home for sale. But the paint tips below go above and beyond the walls. We’ve listed our favorite tips below and included pictures for inspiration.

1. Paint the moldings the same color as the wall, which gives an illusion of higher walls.


2. Pick a fun and fresh color for your front door. A freshly painted door is a great first impression for buyers, plus it adds personality to a neutral exterior.




3. Deck stain should be on your paint list too. Buyers love outdoor spaces, so your decking and patio should be freshly stained. This will make the deck look new instead of old and worn.


4. Windowless spaces like hallways can benefit a lot from a light neutral shade. Often times, a hallway will feel twice as large once a dark color is removed. This is true of narrow entryways as well.










5. The kitchen is a big selling point for most buyers, so take a good look at your kitchen cabinets to determine if they need new stain or paint. Lots of sunlight and years of use can fade and dull the stain on cabinets.