Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Home

If location is a deal breaker, then don’t consider homes outside of your desired area. Homeowners may be swayed to buy that beautiful brand new house 30 minutes outside their desired neighborhood, but remember that driving an extra 30 minutes once is very different than driving an extra 30 minutes on a daily basis.

Always negotiate 
Unless there are many offers on the table and it’s “the one,” don’t be afraid to ask a lower price or negotiate a deal for closing costs. The seller can always say no, but they more likely will want to make it work if your offer is reasonable and they want to sell. Keep in mind, lowering the price by $50,000 isn’t reasonable unless it is way overpriced, so try to be conscious of what is a fair request.

Research the neighborhood and community
Find out more about the neighbors and don’t be afraid to knock on their door to ask questions. If you want an area with neighbor kids, find out if any live nearby. If you want a coffee shop or grocery store close by, time your drive to the closest store. Time your drive to the places you frequent the most. Google can tell you a lot about the community as well, so look on the city website and ask questions at city hall.

Buy a property you can afford, well within your budget
Take a hard look at your finances before determining your home budget and don’t overextend yourself by buying at the top of what you can afford. Maintaining a home costs money, so consider if you will be remodeling, updating and purchasing furnishings and necessary items for the home. Also, take into consideration other costs that may enter your life down the road. For example, if you plan to have children, or want to travel, add that to your budget picture.

Find a trustworthy Realtor
Everyone has opinions and advice when it comes to homeownership, but keep in mind that your friends and relatives may have different priorities than you. A good realtor puts YOUR priorities at the top of their mind when giving advice and finding appropriate homes. It’s easy to be swayed by that nosy friend, so it might be best to keep your home search quiet.

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