Tuesday, March 15, 2016

4 Steps to Buying a Lakefront Home


Buying a lake home is an exciting experience. We’ve provided a list of insights to take with you as you begin the journey to becoming a lake home owner.

1. Sit down as a family and list everything that’s important to you.
Activities: boating, fishing, swimming, local shopping, etc.
Home amenities: bonfires, coffee on the deck, jacuzzi tub, room for guests, etc.
-Travel time: How long are you willing to drive on the weekends to get to your lake home?
This will help determine best location and general area.


2. Find a Realtor who is experienced in the area you decide on. Give them your list in order of priority/must haves. Prepare for several days of tours to find a home that fits.


3. When determining your price point, remember to budget for the additional items you will need in a lakeshore home. A great place to check is your local Facebook garage sale site, craigslist or estate sales.
Home furnishings: Furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies
Lawn and garden equipment: Lawn mower, trimmer, flower pots, etc.
Recreational items: Dock, boat, life jackets, waterskis, floats, patio furniture, etc.

4. Work with a mortgage loan officer to finance your lakefront home and determine the best loan option.

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