Sunday, November 15, 2015

Selling Your Lake Home in Colder Months

It is true. When you think of Brainerd Lakes (or any lake area vacation destination), your mind flashes with one of the following: a boat, a swimsuit, a cold drink, a fishing pole and most likely warm sunshine. And we do enjoy all those mentioned above in the summer.

HOWEVER, we are lucky enough to have the Brainerd Lakes area and many of its residents and visitors that embrace every season, most especially winter. The list of activities, sports and outings that require snow and cold is never ending.

That being said, selling your Brainerd Lakes area lake home or lake cabin in the winter is most definitely an option and a good one at that. We’ve compiled a quick guide that explains how to use the chilly temps to your advantage.

1. Less homes are on the market in the winter, which gives home sellers an advantage with less competition.

2. In addition, you can take some simple steps to highlight the home’s “summer fun,” by providing a collection of photos from warmer months. This includes, sunrise, sunset, beach, lake and landscape photos.

3. Emphasizing features during colder months can make a home very inviting. For example, stage the home with cozy throws, pillows and comfy chairs surrounding the fireplace. Stack a few of your favorite board games next to the entertainment center. Highlight the soaker tub with plush towels, a robe and bath goodies. These small steps can add to the charm of a lake home. In addition, don’t forget to remind buyers about winter sports like snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing and more.

4. Emphasizing weather readiness by calling out a heated, attached garage or a new furnace can help buyers see the potential of a year round vacation spot.

Now, let’s get your home sold!