Sunday, January 25, 2015

Build The Perfect Fire in Your Crow Wing County Home’s Fireplace Every Time

There is nothing more relaxing then winding down from a cold day then a warm cozy fire in your fireplace.  Building that perfect fire may take some work. You could easily place one of those pre-fab ready to go logs in there that will instantly create a beautiful blaze for you.  However, these logs tend to leave a lot of creosote that can build-up quickly in your chimney. Skip the shortcuts, and used these tips to build the perfect fire every time.

Chimney Cleaning

Before your light that first fire of the season you want to make sure that you have cleaned out your chimney.  Birds may have built a nest there, or leaves and debris may have accumulated.  It is also a good idea to have it professionally swept.


All fireplaces should have a damper that keeps cold air out when not in use. Do not forget to open your damper before building a fire. If it is closed and you start your fire the smoke will stay inside your home.

Ash Bed

When you clean out your fireplace you should leave at least one to two inches of as in there to provide for proper insulation. If it’s the first fire of the season and there is no ash consider borrowing some from your BBQ grill.

Log Pile

When stacking the logs inside your fireplace put them in upside down. Traditionally, you have been told to always put the kindling at the bottom, start the fire, then add the larger logs on top.  Stop that method and try placing those heavy logs in first. Make sure they are tight together, the less space the better. Next, add smaller logs placed in the opposite direction, and then add your kindling.  This method make take a little longer to get that fire going so be patient, but once it does it will last a lot longer.

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