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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why Choose Up North Properties?

Our Expertise is Unbeatable
Real estate is a complicated process if you haven’t spent years training and working in the industry. There are many areas of the buying and selling process that should only be handled by an agent with knowledge and experience. We have both! For the last 20+ years we have spent our time in the Brainerd Lakes area selling the dream -- lake homes, cabins, lakeshore property and residential homes. We know the area and the real estate process better than anyone.

We Understand the Needs of Today’s Buyers & Sellers
Don’t make uninformed decisions about the sale of your home. Speak to Up North Properties first. This will save you time and money. Every area/lake has unique considerations for a sale so it’s important to leave all real estate related business to us. Plus we understand the necessary steps to maximize listing price while still selling quickly.

Our Track Record
Take a look at our Sold listings page; we have helped thousands of sellers with successful home sales. We take a one-on-one approach, when you call us, you aren’t transferred to one of our 50 agents -- you get us! We are passionate about the Brainerd Lakes area and we will sell your home like we would sell ours, with the same time and attention.

We Utilize the Latest Technology
Technology that benefits you. Thousands of visitors use the Up North Properties website each month. We take this opportunity to provide value with content that solves questions and builds a relationship with visitors. We like to create every touchpoint as an opportunity to sell your home. We also utilize social media to reach a larger audience and serve to our followers with unique content.

Contact us at 218-820-7355.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

How Your Realtor Completes A Market Analysis For Your Home

With online websites such as Zillow and Trulia becoming popular real estate resources, homeowners often put too much weight on the valuation they provide. Your best tool for the most accurate home valuation is always a trusted and knowledgeable real estate agent. There are several things your real estate agent will consider when making a home valuation. We’ve listed them below:

Location, location, location
Home values can vary from street to street, or even sometimes homes will differ greatly a few doors down in the lakes area. Comparing apples to apples is especially important in this regard. An automated service like Zillow will use comps based primarily on location and proximity to your home. It is important to take many factors of location into consideration, but also to utilize a larger neighborhood scope when finding comparable homes.

Home Updates
Another flaw of sites like Trulia and Zillow is that they do not take into account the interior of your home and the updates and improvements you may have done over the years. A market analysis should always consider updates because they add value to a home. A home with a completely remodeled interior should be valued very differently from one next door with no improvements. A realtor is able to accurately compare homes based on features.

MLS Database
One of the best tools your realtor has access to is the MLS database which provides details on comparable homes. Your realtor should be very familiar with using this as a tool to help accurately value your home.

One of the best tools you have, however, is your real estate agent’s expertise and experience. No online resource can provide that, so it’s important to take the information you receive from these sites with a grain of salt until you speak to your realtor.

If you need a comparative market analysis for your home, contact us at 218-820-7355. We look forward to talking with you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fourth of July Events

Tuesday, July 3 - Wednesday, July 4
Stars and Stripes Days
Pequot Lakes

Wednesday, July 4
Turtle Races
Great for the kids!

Wednesday, July 4
2nd Annual Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza
Lake Shore, Bar Harbor Supper Club

Saturday, July 7 2018
Crosslake Original Craft and Flea Market
13715 County Road 103 Crosslake, MN

Saturday, July 7 2018
Celebrate America - Crosslake’s 48th Annual Fireworks Display
10PM Sand Island, Crosslake

Sunday, July 8
Ski Loon Water Show
Lum Park, Brainerd

Tuesday, July 10-Wednesday, July 11
Bean Hole Days
Pequot Lakes

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Before Listing Your Home For Sale, Consider a Home Inspection

Yes, you read that right. A home inspection before listing your home.

Usually, the home inspection occurs when a buyer is ready to purchase, but wants to ensure no major issues are found. And this home inspection should definitely still occur. However, a home maintenance inspection before listing can give sellers a complete picture of necessary repairs before they become negotiating points from the buyer. ?

Inspectors are especially helpful at spotting small issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. They can also suggest regular maintenance that should be done as well. This includes things inside and outside, some of which may not be outwardly obvious to someone without expertise.

It’s extremely helpful to walk around your property and recognize the areas that need attention. An inspector can do this with you in addition to providing a full written report that details everything discussed during the inspection.

It is encouraged to have a home maintenance inspection every three to five years. This will help you avoid any major problems getting out of control. One thing to remember with an inspector is that they aren’t selling anything and they do not make money off your repairs. This is why a home maintenance inspection before selling can be the perfect, unbiased opinion you need to prepare your home for sale.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Create a Welcoming Front Entrance for Buyers

If you’re selling your home you know that first impressions count in real estate. First impressions set the stage for a positive showing. When buyers arrive, one of the first things they see is the front entrance and when they leave, they see the entrance area for a second time. So make the first impression a good one!


Stand outside in your driveway and spend a couple minutes looking at your entrance. What’s missing? Is there plant overgrowth? Does it look inviting? What could you do to make it look better? We’ve compiled a list of easy ways you can improve your front entrance for under $100.

1. Paint the Front Door 
If paint is chipping or the color needs updating, this is a cheap fix and something you can do yourself without hiring a professional. If you aren’t sure what color would look best with the color of your home, consider visiting a Sherwin Williams store, or somewhere similar that can give you advice (for free!).

2. Add Flowers or Potted Plants
Nothing quite says “happy” like a beautiful pot of flowers. Add a few pots to your front step, or perhaps a hanging basket. If you are more of the evergreen type, place one or two potted boxwood plants on the front step. These will brighten up your entrance and give it a more inviting feeling.

3. Porch Lights
A couple of updated lights can do wonders for the front of your home, even when they aren’t lit up. Outdated lights give the impression that the home is outdated. In addition, newer porch lights are typically led and give off bright, illuminating light. Perfect for showings later in the evening. You can easily purchase new lights for under $100.

4. A New Door Mat
Don’t let buyers look down and see a worn down, dirty doormat. For $15 you can buy a brand new mat that says “Welcome Home.” How appropriate, right?

5. Replace Door Hardware
Again, it’s a small but subtle item that buyers will notice. Update the hardware/lockset for around $60 and you’ve easily improved the look of your front door.

6. Clean Up Clutter and Overgrowth
Clean out any weeds, dead plants or overgrown bushes so that the walkway and entrance to your home is open and bright. Don’t let the landscaping distract buyers from the home itself.

If you’d like more tips on preparing your home for sale, reach out to us. We have years of experience helping homeowners prepare and successfully sell their homes. You can reach us at 218-820-7355.

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